■ Head office
    8-14-17-713,Nisisinjuku-Sinjukuku,Tokyo Japan.
    Phone: Tokyo (03)5836-6678,Fax:(03)5836-6679
    E-Mail: info@nesco21c.com

■ Overseas
    Losangeles,U.S.A, Offenburg, Germany. Hochimin, Vietnum.


■ History

     In July 1973, established by Sido Makazu as his own company at Fujiidera City
    Osaka Japan.,named Nippon Cemical Research Inc.
    Starting services were mainly commissioned research on overseas data search for
    Chemical,Biochemical and its related areas.
    Since, services are well expanded into wide renge, such as Technology transfer to Government    
    agency of Taiwan, syntheses of many chemical and phermaceutical intermediates,
    programed many softwares, new businesses induction so on.
    In April 2000, Nippon Chemical Research inc.,has changed the name to New Enterprise 
    Support Corporation.,as specialyzed new business support consultation firm.

■ Associates
    ◇ Domestic
        AICS Company Limited.
    ◇ Overseas
        A&D Consultants Limited               .......Korea
        Corporate Development Consultants Ltd     ......U.K
        Office Imai                        . .......Germany
        S.T.Liu & Corporation            .     .........U.S.A         
■ Main staff
    Sido Tachiki      President
    Enployee         3
    Excecutive staff    8(Phd..2,MD..1)
    Associates staff  127
New Enterprise Support Corporation