We are providing the following services to our clients who seeks the solutions on R & D.    

■ Fields

 1. Chemicals and its related areas.
   2. Medicals and Medical equipments.
   3. Phermaceuticals.
   4. Food and foods industries.
   5. Biochemicals.
   6. Electronics and semiconductors.
   7. Computers  and Information technologies.
   8. Construction.
   9. Machineries.
   10.Games and gamefofts.
■ Capability

   1.Marketing research and feasibility studies for technologies and manufacturing.        

   2.Analysis on businesss, technology and production costs.
   3.Plannin and plograming of New business and manufacturing.
   4.Agency businesses for marketing development,sales and administration.
   5.Patents and licensing.
   6.Collection of documents, publications, technical data sheets and samples.
   7.Export and inprt for Bio-tech equipments.


                     How to success at Japanese Market

                     Please dont hesitate to contact us immediately
                     if you have any problems for Japanese markets.

  Consultation for dealing with the Japanese Market.

Our company accept the following consultations for those foreign enterprise
who planto sell their manufacturing products at the Japanese market.

 Items acceptable for consultations.

   1.  Existence of demand Whether sale could be successful or not, existence needs.
   2.   Competitive strength of your products.
   3.    Comparison analysis of design, capacity and price of competeitive goods.
   4.    Investigation of the commercial firm you deal with and represent your company
     for negotiation or sales

◆ The systems we apply
    1. Estimate
        Within a maximum 7 days after receiving your request for each
        businesses(projects),we will submit an esti
mate for the fees to be incurred
        for this business and also our judgement on the feasibility of the request business
    2 Contract
        If there is no disagreeable points with regards to the contents ,amount(money) and
        so forth we will affix required articles in our prescribed order form attached to our
        estimate-form and send it back to you.
    3. Payment
        after receiving your order,we will send you on our demand for payment with the exc
        eption of urgent case. we normally accept cash remittance of through proper bank-
        transfer procedures.. .

   ★ Regardless of the validity of the contract between us, the contents of your
    request will be kept strictly confidential as with other business we deal with.
    Therefore, please fel free to contact us.

How to success at Japanese Market